Our Matching Engine identifies music that has been streamed on digital and traditional services so artists get paid. ​

If you are a collective society facing increasing data volumes and changing file formats the Matching Engine can help you. ​

Built on modern cloud technologies it matches streaming music log files at a fraction of the cost and at multiple times the performance of legacy systems. It gives you the confidence to tackle streaming data with higher accuracy and operational costs you control.


High Performance

We understand very high performance is needed to process streaming data. The Matching Engine supports Horizontal scaling as standard. The design is cloud native and optimised for Azure Service scaling. We have production environments autoscaling to 30,000 work matches per minute and our tests indicate we can scale to multiples of this.

Configuration Options​

Including over 60 configuration parameters

Matching configuration parameters are conveniently organised in a three-level hierarchy and can be configured differently at each level. The Engine uses the hierarchy to identify the correct configuration setting for a given source or metadata characteristic. For example, a general work title similarity percentage could be defined and an alternate work title similarity percentage that applies to all publisher sourced matching could also be defined.

The Matching configuration parameters can easily be changed by business users and system administrators.

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