SMART AIM Reference Architecture & Template Library

Spanish Point have built a scalable software library that empowers customers to achieve more on Microsoft Azure. This document introduces the base reference architecture and template library for SMART AIM.

SMART AIM (Application Innovation & Migration) is a cloud migration roadmap with associated IP that produces a prioritised list of phased work packages for an Azure cloud migration and/or deployment. It offers real benefits, from cost savings and operational improvements to a future-proof platform that allows customers to quickly take advantage
of the benefits of the cloud.

Whether customers have a legacy application, a new application, or applications that are partly or fully cloud-based, Spanish Point has the experience and expertise to assist. SMART AIM equally can assist customers evaluating the migration of existing on-premises or hosted infrastructure environments to Azure.

The below diagram is the reference architecture for SMART AIM.

Smart Aim Reference Architecture Template Library

The SMART AIM Template Library consists of over 100 different Azure resource provisioning templates and associated automation scripts for the most common customer scenarios (e.g. Powershell, .Net scripts and Templates). Below are just a few examples of the functionality provided to customers by the SMART AIM library:

  • Automated scripts to create an entire complex Service Fabric DevOps environment in hours that would take weeks of work if done manually
  • Automated scripts to create an Azure Search Instance with added in place backup and recovery functionality for the Index that is not available natively in Azure
  • Automated scripts to provide Auto scaling not available natively in Azure for key use cases such as RDS or SQL Azure etc.

The below table provides some resource type examples:

Resource Types

The SMART AIM Template Library can be continuously used to scale and manage Customer Production Environments and it forms the ingredients of customers DevOps Environments.

Access to the SMART AIM Template Library is retained by the customer and it is regularly updated with new functionality by Spanish Point Development teams when new custom code is developed on customer projects. The new custom code is created as reusable automated scripts that are then added to the Software Library of Smart AIM and made available to all licensed customers.

Spanish Point Technologies

For access to the SMART AIM Template Library please fill in the form here. The Spanish Point team will then be in contact to explain how you can gain access to the SMART AIM Template Library components.