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xRM – eXtended Relationship Management

What is xRM?

Accelerates the creation of line-of-business (LOB) applications using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a flexible business application framework.

Businesses have extremely valuable relationships to manage in addition to customer relationships. Examples would include members, vendors, dealers, agencies, contractors and citizens, as well as other important business assets that require management including property, grants etc. They aren’t customers in the traditional sense. This is when you need to think about adopting xRM. Extended Relationship Management (xRM) is a shift in thinking and a focus away from the C equals customer relationship to X which equals any relationship that needs to be managed.


Why use xRM?

Align IT expenditures with business objectives and deliver fully featured line-of-business (LOB) applications with a framework that combines prebuild configurable functionality on a highly flexible service-oriented architecture.

Faced with a difficult choice between packaged software and custom development, IT departments are often forced to compromise on capabilities, budget, and delivery time for LOB applications. xRM is designed to help organizations get the best of both worlds with a flexible framework that rapidly accelerates application delivery.

xRM helps companies achieve the vision of differentiated IT to enable business success. Differentiated IT helps organizations differentiate their business from the competition through streamlined delivery of applications that meet business requirements and needs. IT enables and empowers the business by delivering LOB applications from an optimized infrastructure. The business defines and prioritizes IT goals according to the needs of the business.

Because xRM works through and with familiar technologies like Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Microsoft .NET Framework, organizations can quickly create and efficiently manage many LOB applications using a common and shared infrastructure, licenses, and resources.

There are four key benefits in xRM:

○ Drive efficient and effective IT

Imagine you could streamline your IT operations through a common LOB application framework. This would allow you to better leverage and maximize your existing IT resources. You could work with one framework, with many applications. These extensible building blocks could allow your IT department to quickly tailor unique applications to fit many different business needs. You could also benefit from shared resources and infrastructure and be able to leverage existing resources and capabilities in Microsoft Office, SharePoint, SQL Server, and .NET. Our xRM solution will increase the efficiency of your IT operations by reducing the time and effort associated with development, testing, release management, change management, and testing.

○ Develop the right business applications

With flexible application services, your LOB business applications can be quickly defined to fit a wide variety of business needs. This flexibility will allow your organisations meet specialized business requirements, providing a wealth of relationship management capabilities, as well as communication and collaboration tools out-of-the-box, enabling IT to deliver the right capabilities quickly. xRM is easily adopted because of its familiar and intuitive user interface that’s built on Microsoft Office and helps users get up to speed quickly and with minimal training. Improved business insight and visibility result in data visualizations, dynamics reporting, and real-time access to information help keep your people informed and up-to-date.


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 ○ Deliver rapid innovation and agility

In modern business, it is imperative you keep pace with business change. Our xRM solution caters for quick change when the market changes with dynamic application services and a highly flexible data architecture. Spend less time and fewer resources on developing custom applications or trying to get packaged software to fit business needs, so you can focus on high-level goals. Empower your business through innovation and agility by providing business users with the ability to make changes and rapidly provide new differentiated capabilities.

○ Demonstrate Business Succes

Every organisation wants to increase their business productivity. Our solution helps businesses operate more efficiently by connecting disparate applications and helping provide business information across the organisation. xRM drives personal productivity by giving end-users familiar and unified tools such as Microsoft Office to do their job. This ability to increase both business and personal productivity results in better business decisions because decision makers are receiving up-to-date views of business processes and performance across many different LOB applications.

Other benefits of xRM

Accelerate Development

Custom application development can be a lengthy and complex process. While in many cases, the benefits of a custom application may be considerable, anything that can reduce the time required to create LOB applications translates into lower cost and faster realization of business value. By reducing the time required to develop LOB applications, xRM not only reduces costs on a per-application basis, it frees valuable development resources so they can be applied to additional projects.

Multiple Applications

Help your business differentiate itself from the competition and achieve long-term success by delivering complete business solutions that meet strategic requirements and can be changed and updated when the business changes.

Consistent User Experience

Reduce training time and costs by giving users a consistent and familiar user interface based on Microsoft Office applications and provide access to LOB applications anywhere through a Web browser or mobile device.

Dynamic Application Services

Reduce time and cost to deliver and update applications with point-and-click application customizations. Dynamic services automatically propagate customizations through the data model, saving time and making it much easier to make changes to applications when business needs change.

Shared Environment and Resources

Reduce cost and optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of IT with a shared multitenant, multi-application business architecture that helps your organization make the best use of its infrastructure, licenses, and skilled IT resources.

Dynamics Application Services

xRM provides core functionality across multiple applications using dynamic applications services that are:

  • Reusable across any number of applications
  • Prebuilt so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  • Flexible to support unique and changing business needs
  • Scalable for enterprise deployments

Point-And-Click Customization

xRM is architected for flexibility, enabling you to support the bulk of applications scenarios using simple point-and-click customizations that span the data layer, user experience, security, and analytical services.

Process Automation

xRM includes robust business process automation capabilities to help organisations build, streamline, and extend business process automation to users, teams, and people across the enterprise.

Scalable, Reliable, Global, Multi-Tenant Framework

The xRM multi-tenant framework enables organisations to securely deliver LOB capabilities to multiply business units around the world, with full support for multiple languages and currencies.

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