Accelerate innovation and get to market faster.

Streamline continuous deployment with DevOps tools that help you get innovative applications into user’s hands faster.

Modernise your application development lifecycle and go from idea to deployment with continuous integration, testing, and deployment for any app targeting any platform. In short – Innovate – Deploy – Monitor – Repeat.

SMART DevOps aims to maximize the predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability of operational processes, and is a software engineering culture and practice that unifies software development and software operation. The main characteristics of SMART DevOps is to strongly advocate automation and monitor all steps of software construction, from integration, testing, releasing to deployment and infrastructure management, reflective of the key aspects of the development and delivery processes:

  • Code – code development and review, source code management tools, code merging.
  • Build – continuous integration tools, build status.
  • Test – continuous testing tools that provide feedback on business risks.
  • Package – artefact repository, application pre-deployment staging.
  • Release – change management, release approvals, release automation.
  • Configure – infrastructure configuration and management, Infrastructure as code tools.
  • Monitor – applications performance monitoring, end-use.
Spanish Point customers have managed to achieve benefits that span the entire software delivery lifecycle. They include:
  • Improved deployment frequency.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Lower failure rate of new releases.
  • Shortened lead time between fixes.
  • Faster mean time to recovery (in the event of a new release crashing or otherwise disabling the current system).

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